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Take off that disguise!

on May 13, 2013











Today we laughed ourselves silly!  The second grade lunch buddies had the best time with this activity. This inferential and problem solving packet was created by Nicole Allison and available at  It is called Crack the Case.  The first game in the packet, which we played today, is called Take off that Disguise!

To play the game, a player picks a card.  On that card is printed what a particular person might say that would provide a clue as to who they are.  An example would be, “How many inches do you want me to take off?”   The answer, of course, is barber or hairdresser.

We all put on disguises and kicked the game up a notch.  If  someone knew who the student was they said,  “Take off that disguise” and made their guess.

Take a look at the fun-












Two members of our group were absent today 😦

We all want to play this game again next week so that they will have a turn.



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