Learning and Sharing

Fun Friday!

on May 11, 2013


We have fun every day but Fridays can be extra fun!  Due to a meeting, I had to switch my Monday kindergarten group to Friday.  Today, this all girl group discussed being safe.   We used the power card from the Princess Social Skills packet.




Go to for a better look.  It is available at


The students in this group respond well to the Disney Princesses.  A princess is constantly looking for safety hazards.  Untied shoes, swinging lunch boxes, or walking backwards can be unsafe.  Her brain is thinking about safety for herself and for others.  We all have to work at sharing space.


We also had an activity from Social Skills Chipper Chat from


Today’s Social Skills Chipper Chat game was called “Operation Cooperation”.  A scenario is set up to describe different social situations that require cooperation and the student must answer some thinking questions about how they could cooperate in that situation.

We do not get out  Social Skills Chipper Chat very often because it is not one of our favorite activities.  Today is Friday-everything is fun on Friday!!


Everyone have a great weekend!



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