Learning and Sharing

Finding Common Interests

on May 8, 2013

childrens faces

One of the second grade groups continued their work in “The Green Zone” of communication.  There are 5 second grade boys in this particular group along with 3 adults.  After reviewing the concept of shared interests and The Green Zone, we divided the groups into 4 pairs.  Each pair received  a copy of The Green Zone 2 person worksheet (pictured below).  Writing is sometimes stressful for these boys so instead of asking them to write their interests on the worksheet, we provided word/phrase strips for them to use.


Using an activity such as this is risky in a group as large as this one.  It turned out great.  No one was distracted and it just flowed well.

The venn diagram worksheet is available at

This is what it looked like as we worked together to find common interests and have a chat about those interests.


After 15 min. we changed partners and tried to find common interests with the new partner.  It is evident in the photos that the students were engaged and showing interest.  There was very little adult prompting during this activity.  We all agreed that it is a fantastic lesson.

Another visual available at


To converse in The Green Zone one must know how to listen well.

Here are some nuggets from Michelle Garcia Winner’s presentation today:

Comprehension is from the social mind.

Using pronouns correctly is perspective taking.

Language is behavior of the mind.

Teach kids to hang out-thinking about the group even when they are not saying anything.

Perspective taking can be looked at as an executive function skill.

Food for thought!  I will be digesting a lot of information after tomorrow.




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