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What If Everybody Did That?

on May 6, 2013



Last week was an interesting one for the lunchbuddies groups.  We managed to connect perspective taking and understanding responsibility without really planning to do so.

One of the first grade groups needed to review that super power – being responsible.  We are all responsible for our  own actions.  Being responsible means that we always do our work even when it is hard.  Being responsible means that we participate in class and help others.

photo (89)

Our students love the Super Social Skills activities  available at .  Visit to look at the packet and for more ideas!  The packet is well written and  the lunchbuddies respond to the super heroes.

The activity on responsibility dovetailed nicely with a lesson on perspective taking.  I used the book What If Everybody Did That?.


This book tells the story of a young boy who thinks it is no big deal to break a rule.  What if everybody did that?  As we read the book we discussed each of the boy’s actions and how it affected others and we tried to look at his actions from their perspective.  Ellen Javernick created this great activity for perspective taking and making inferences to accompany the book.  It is available at

I also found this cute, short video about perspective taking.




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