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Yoga is cool!

on April 25, 2013

Yoga practice, tree concept for your design

Lunchbuddies really enjoy yoga.  They report that it helps them feel calm, relaxed, and better able to concentrate.  In other words, yoga helps them stay in the Green Zone.

What do children learn from yoga?

1) Breathing that can bring both calm and and the good kind of energy to the body.

2) How to use energy more effectively so that we feel relaxed, focused and motivated.

3)  How to quiet the mind which helps us listen with attention and make good decisions.

This information and more is available at

The guided visualization exercises help reduce stress and teach coping strategies according to Yoga for Children with Autism available at


Mrs. Rairden leads our lunchbuddies in the Gorilla pose.  It helps relax the mind and get in the Green Zone.

tree pose

Look at that great tree pose!  One must have self control to do this pose well.

sun salutation

A calming and relaxing Sun Salutation pose gets us ready to learn.

Yoga is just another fun component of lunchbuddies.



2 responses to “Yoga is cool!

  1. Evegcampbell says:

    Thank you for doing yoga! I hope walker gets to do this too. His younger brother hatcher loves yoga.

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