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More Problem Solving,

on April 23, 2013

ProblemSolver_thumb As I posted a couple of weeks ago,  our second grade group experienced some difficulty with a problem solving activity.  Throughout the session we heard several lunch buddies express, “I don’t know what to do”. First thing today, I shared that everyone has problems to solve everyday.  In our group we have a safe place to practice how to solve problems.  I made a quick list of what to say instead of “I don’t know what to do”. what to say Sometimes I just have to write it down quick and it turns out not so neat!

photo (78)

We used another terrific activity created by and available at  I love using the words “stretching your brain” to find solutions.  We talked about how solving problems is something that we have to do for the rest of our lives.


The problems on the game cards were problems that some of the lunchbuddies had experienced before and some were new.  We decided that being a flexible thinker goes a long way in solving many of our problems.  The power card, of course, helps as a reminder.

One of the 3rd grade groups had a great time with the “Think it or Say it? activity created by Kellie Meixner and available on

photo (81)

When she heard the title of our activity, one student said, “I really need to work on that”.

photo (82)

The situations were amusing and all too familiar!

We all experience Boring Moments.  Being bored is not a problem.  It’s our behavior when we are bored that can be a problem.  Watch Michelle Garcia Winner in her Social Thinking video on how to deal with the boring moments.

Whew! And it is only Tuesday.


6 responses to “More Problem Solving,

  1. Catrina Nappier says:

    It’s Spring Break and what am I doing?. . . . Catching up on
    Lunchbuddie posts! I love you Robin!

  2. Donna Austin says:

    Teacherspayteachers link does not work. Missing the .com?

    • Hi Donna,

      I hope that the nonfunctioning link did not stop you from going to TeachersPayTeachers site a different way! Thanks for pointing it out. I went way back and corrected it.

  3. Keir Mercer says:

    The TpT link doesn’t take me to “Think it or Say it” resource. When I searched it with Kellie Meixner’s name, it says there are none. 😦

  4. So sorry that you cannot find that activity, Keir. That post is from three years ago. Maybe the activity is no longer available on TpT.

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