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on April 19, 2013


Don’t know about you, but I am looking forward to the weekend!  I got some flowers to plant and a book to read.  Too bad I don’t live at the beach!

A parent shared this great visual with me and I wanted to pass it on.  For those students who struggle with impulse control this visual is so helpful to remind them to stop and think before they speak.  Thank you, Mrs. Campbell.

photo (72)

More great visuals-

Some of our students who find it difficult to be a part of the classroom and follow those hidden rules that everyone seems to know except them need to have the rules explicitly explained.

photo (73)

When listening in the whole group- your job is…  The teacher’s job is…  What to do if you need help…  What to do when you are done working.  Jill Kuzma has created this visual called “Rules for Working in your Classroom”.  She has broken it down for any possible way of working in the classroom from listening in the whole group to working with a partner to working independently.  With each way she has listed student’s job, teacher’s job, if you need help, and when you are done working.

photo (74)

Go to for a better view.  I am thinking this could be a whole class lesson with follow-up in the social skills group with each of the 5 rules taught explicitly.  I am also thinking 3rd/4th grade.


Happy Friday!


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