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Formulating Questions and Answers

on April 18, 2013


Many of our students struggle to formulate questions when they are trying to show interest in others.  They also struggle to answer questions when asked about an event in their life (what did you do over the weekend?).  Others need practice to increase intelligibility of speech at the level of conversation.


What a fun activity created by  and available at http://www.teacherspayteachers.

photo (58)

Included in the packet:  printable mustaches (that I laminated and attached to tongue depressors with velcro) and a card game of sample questions for answering and cards for taking turns asking appropriate questions relevant to the topic.

photo (59)

“Excuse me, dahling, but I mustache you a question!”


One of our favorite activities! Look how our students are referencing the person to which the question is directed with their eyes and by saying the person’s name.

photo (67)

Some students who have motor planning difficulties or attention deficits often need a visual reminder of what to do “When others do not understand my speech”.  I created this visual to provide that reminder.  There is always a way to help others understand what you are trying to say.

photo (61)

Our confidential informants have given another good report.  After a conversation with a 4th grade teacher (someone he does not know), Braxton reported that he had “finally defeated the Queen of Wacky Questions and Comments!”.  He also reported that he used flexible thinking and thinking with his eyes to stay in the conversation and defeat the Queen of Wacky of Questions.  Hurray!!  We love reports of our student progress outside the therapy room.  BTW, the Queen of Wacky Questions is one of those Unthinkables from the Superflex Curriculum at  She makes you ask questions that you already know the answer to and make wacky comments not on topic.

photo (69)

Braxton is holding the Distractor Deflector shield which reminds students that they hold the power to defeat distractors.



3 responses to “Formulating Questions and Answers

  1. Cynthia Sudduth says:

    Robin I am so enjoying these posts thank you. Cynthia Sudduth SLP

  2. So glad you found this resource helpful! 🙂

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