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The Green Zone of Communication

on April 17, 2013


Keeping with the language of “Zones”,  our activity today was all about the “Green Zone” of communication.  The Green Zone is visual-based Conversation Social Skills Lessons.   It is available at We easily connected the “Zones of Regulation” that we use to the “Green Zone” of communication.

The first visual helped us to see that in a conversation the communication partners must find their shared “Green Zone” of common interests.

Zones of communication

When two people are talking but they each talk only about their interests it’s called “The No Zone”.


Everyone had fun with a hands-on demo.

photo (54)

With the next visual we discussed that just like with the Zones of Regulation it is best to be in the Green Zone.  When conversation partners are talking about things that they both like they are mixing their interests.  The Green Zone of communication is the place to be.

photo (56)

We became “social scientists” experimenting with the colors as each student explained the No Zone and the Green Zone of communication in their own words.   Social Scientist, Jack B.  did an excellent job explaining the Green Zone.

Everybuddie loved this activity!

Yours in the Green Zone,


One response to “The Green Zone of Communication

  1. Joel Shaul says:

    Hello Robin, and followers of this nice blog. Free basic Green Zone worksheets are available to download on my website, via this link:
    Joel Shaul, LCSW

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