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Think About Others

on April 11, 2013


Garfield finds it easier to concentrate on his own life than think of how others might be feeling. Just like some of our 2nd grade lunch buddies, Garfield needs to learn that magical social skill, thinking about others, to make and keep relationships with friends and family.

Making friend files is one way to help when we are thinking about others.  Our activity today came from  The packet is called Magical Social Skills and it is available at


First, we discussed what it means to think about others.  Then, we completed the thinking about others activity fill-in sheet.  Each member of the group provided information about themselves, such as “I like to talk about ____”.  Guess who answered “myself”?  Everyone read their information out loud.  We all had to remember things about other lunch buddies so that when we picked a game card that instructed us to ” say about the person on your left something they do not like about school” we could open up our file and think about the other person.  It was a challenge for some  lunch buddies.  Lots of modeling needed for this activity today.  What is very cool is that, even though the activities are getting harder and harder, nobody gives up.  I think we all had fun.

On the plus side of lunchbuddiesplus…

We are creating task boxes, shoebox activities or work boxes for some of our students who are learning how to learn.

photo (45)


Following a visual schedule for our session today, most of  the activities were life skills.  Each activity fit into a box.  We love the benefits of the shoebox activities:  1) help students know what is expected.  There is a definite beginning middle, and end,  2) the activities encourage independence, and 3) the activities are visual and broken down into small steps.


Counting out clothespins to match the number word is a fun activity.


little big sort


There are many good file folder activities, such as this Big/Little sort, at http://www.boardmakershare.




You know, it is April!  My creative brain is running on empty.  Anyone out there have taskbox activity or file folder activity ideas to share?




2 responses to “Think About Others

  1. Ivy says:

    Can you please speak more about the task boxes and work boxes that teach students how to learn?

    • Hi Ivy, and thanks for visiting I have found that students are willing to perform tasks when the tasks are at their level of ability. Shoebox activities or task boxes can be designed to meet the student on their level. I refer you to for a comprehensive explanation and visuals. On this site you will see examples that are for sale, but taskboxes are easily made.

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