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Speech Buddies

on March 26, 2013



The administration and PTA at my school are so generous and supportive of my program. In the 13 years that I have worked at my school, I don’t ever remember being told “NO” when I have asked for materials, supplies, technology support, or anything that would support students (even expensive stuff). I have been reading about Speech Buddies (the science and peer reviews) for a while but hesitated to purchase because they were expensive.  I even entered to win a set on two blogs that I follow but… no luck.  When I approached our principal with the research and asked for a set, he said “OK” right away.  A week later, I have my very own set of Speech Buddies.

Speech Buddies are handheld “helpers” that provide tactile feedback within the mouth for correct tongue placement to produce the difficult speech sounds /s/, /sh/, /l/, /r/, and /ch/.


This visual shows how each tool works.   I tried the R Speech Buddy the first day that I got the set.  It was an interesting session.  I was glad to read in the manual under Practice Tips, that it may take several attempts, but keep practicing!


One of my speech students using the SH Speech Buddy.

I am going to need lots of practice with this new thing!

Anyone interested in reading more about this new technology go to:



2 responses to “Speech Buddies

  1. Bryn says:

    Is it worth the price?

    • Bryn, I am still figuring out if it is worth the price. The kids like them and respond well. Do you work with many students who have articulation problems? Cutting time spent in therapy by half was very attractive to me.

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