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More Thinking about You Thinking about Me

on March 7, 2013

aspergers making friendsSticking with our mantra of Thinking about you, Thinking about me, Thinking about you thinking about me, the last few days have been filled with new visuals and new Zones of Regulation activities and something new to our group-using power cards.

The theme for this week (and probably many more) is showing interest.  Michelle Garcia Winner writes in her article The Fourth Step of Communication: Using Language to Relate to Others originally published by Autism Asperger’s Digest Magazine and available at, “True communication involves the ability to monitor and relate to what another person is thinking and feeling and adjust our language accordingly.  It involves learning to show an interest in people when we may not be truly fascinated by what they are saying”.

We started our session with this visual created by Andrea L. Knight that I bought on


It covers everything that we have been talking about in our coaching experiences. Thinking with your eyes, creating a “friend file” by remembering important things about your friends, and thinking about your friends often before yourself.







Other great visuals used were


The Unwonderer       He is so sneaky!  He can stop a person from showing interest in others.  He can be defeated, though.  If you look at the person who is talking, it will let them know that you are thinking about them and what they are saying. If you remember the Wh-question words (who, what, where, when, which, and why) and use these words to ask others questions about what they may want to talk about.

For more info about the Unwonderer go to



The opposite of the Unwonderer is Perspective Pete


He was created by Angela Cardenas over at

Perspective Pete is a social thinker and he knows it is important to keep others thinking good thoughts and feeling good about us.







Mrs. Rairden kept the lunch buddies busy working through the Zones of Regulation and how our behavior affects how others feel and think about us.












The Zones of Regulation curriculum is all about everything we do with visuals and social coaching.

Enough for one post!  The next one will cover the Power Card.

To be continued…


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