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on March 2, 2013












Great week! I just want to share what has been going on in addition to our social skills groups.

In 1977, I did a student teaching experience at an elementary school as a speech therapist. My supervising therapist told me something that I still think of everyday- “Robin, you can make the cutest activity in the world, but is it what the students really need?”. So that echos in my mind as I plan each session.


For the severely impaired student with autism-this is what the plan looks like…


We start with a picture schedule. The whole session is broken down into small tasks. He is proficient at “check your schedule”. It is important that he sees a beginning and an end to the work session.



The first activity is something fun- The Wheels on the Bus musical video. This activity calms the student, gets him to focus and we share joint attention. He is beginning to imitate the children in the video. The best one is when the children sing “The children on the bus go giggle, giggle, giggle” and he puts his hands over his mouth like they do and looks at me. Love that!



Next, is a shoebox activitiy. This one just happens to be Mr. Potato Head. We have done stacking cups, stacking blocks to follow a pattern, clothespins on and off and into a container. The shoebox activities help him to develop persistence and independence.

Then we have Interactive Reading Books




This one is Who,Buddy Bear? The student matches the appropriate picture to my words. It can be both a receptive language activity and a discrimination activity.

My partner in this session, OT Mrs. Rairden, brought in a silverware sorting activity as a life skill task.

The pictures for the visual schedule are made with Custom Boards app for iPad from SmartyEars apps.

custom boards



I use this app every day! It is on sale this week for $19.99. Go to

Buddy Bear books are still available at Mine have been loved so much the pictures don’t stick to the book anymore!!



I have some students who are working to improve listening comprehension, reading comprehension, inferencing, cause and effect, comparing and contrasting, and sequencing. This week we tried out the new Reading Comprehension Camp app for iPad.

Smarty Ears app

Another great Smarty Ears app. Check it out-my students really like it (and it is what they really need!).


Here is one of my students working to figure out the answer to a why question requiring him to make inferences

mobile_snapIt is very cool to see the students so engaged.

One more thing…

I also work with a 3yr. old who is learning about personal space and boundaries. Using the Custom Boards app I created a short social story for him.

personal spaceI cut off the empty boxes to make it easier for him to hold and look better, too!

What a week!! I think I need a nap.



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