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We’ve got the power!

silly_cute_cartoon_lightning_bolt_character_photosculpture-p153908669716129052bfmv3_400We have the power to blast, zap, and defeat distractors.  We have superpowers!  Ignoring, thinking with our eyes, and keeping our brain and body in the group are just a few of our superpowers.







In case we forget about those super powers, Mrs. Rairden made us all slap bands.  They remind us that we can make a choice.


These visual reminders are so fun!


That was what we did in Monday 2nd grade group.  Now, for 3rd grade group…

Sometimes we might have Poison Thoughts that could affect our emotions and behavior.  A poison thought might be ” I need to win and get my way”.  A thought like this can make us very upset if it looks like we are not going to win.   At this point we need an Antidote Thought.   The antidote thought would be “Other people also need to win and get their way”.   The antidote thoughts help us fight the poison thoughts. Go to for free download.


In our effort to keep others thinking good thoughts and feeling good about us, we have to identify the poison thoughts and zap them with antidote thoughts.

This is all hard work for everyone!  But we persevere.



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Week in Review


Lunch Buddies have been busy, busy, busy!

1st grade group reviewed tattling, telling, and correcting using this Rule Police social story.rule_police_socialst    One lunch buddie asked yesterday “Do you have a social story for everything?”.  I said, “Yes I do”.

real 1


I Am Not the Rule Police was created by Angela Cardenas over at

The other 1st grade group did some social behavior mapping for “In the Auditorium before school”.  There are specific expected behaviors for waiting in the auditorium before school.  Using your social sense can certainly help you keep others thinking good thoughts about you (teachers and classmates).  After some observation by this therapist, we now know that Space Invader is on the loose in the auditorium.

I created this visual for defeating Space Invader.

sissSometimes it is much easier to “see” those unexpected behaviors in others than it is to recognize them in ourselves.

2nd grade group continues to work on being a “thinking about you” thinker instead of an “all about me” thinker.


This link will take you to a list of social thinking vocabulary by Michelle Garcia Winner.

Today’s post contains only a few of the activities that happened last week.  We are on the move!

Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now,



Busy Kids and Busy Therapists

busy kids

This has been a busy week and it is only Tuesday!!

We found out from our “confidential informants” that we had lunch buddies who needed to create a social behavior map for “respecting teachers”.   We all worked together to complete the map with expected behaviors and the positive outcomes we experience when we demonstrate those expected behaviors.  The 2nd graders were impressive!  The words they used to describe how a teacher feels when they demonstrate those behaviors revealed insight and their development of perspective.  The same is true for completing the map with unexpected behaviors.  Some of our lunch buddies are not sure what being respectful “looks” like.  Sooooo…

Jill Kuzma’s great visual “It’s the Right Thing to Do”  helps the lunch buddies see what being respectful, responsible, safe and kind looks like.



It also came to our attention that Glassman was getting some lunch buddies to have BIG meltdowns over LITTLE problems.  I created this social story to help them.

person thermometer

In addition, an individual problem thermometer is very helpful.

5197AI1296   from

Wow!  We really have been busy. 

Rock on!



Social Thinking and Reading Comprehension

I get it_I know some of the parents who follow this blog will find this book/resource very interesting.

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Chores help us think about the needs of others.

When school started, we resumed our chore schedule in lunch buddies.  We believe that chores help us think about the needs of others.  We use a chart and rotate the schedule.

Most of the students are happy to help out and clean up after lunch buddies because it is the right thing to do.  There are a few who say “No, that’s gross” but they do their chore because they earn tokens.



Now we are encouraging the students to offer to help.  This requires a great deal of modeling and reminding because it means you have to stop thinking about yourself and think about others.


Offering to help keeps others thinking good thoughts and feeling good about you!