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on February 27, 2013




I used to keep a bottle of “Quiet Lotion” on my therapy table.  The idea came from Dr. Jean at  All I did was glue a label on a bottle of hand lotion.  If the students needed a bit of calming down, I offered them some “Quiet Lotion” and told them that “Quiet Lotion” worked like magic to help them calm and quiet themselves and get ready to learn.  Ah, the power of suggestion and a label.

If you haven’t visited yet, please do.  One of the great ideas there is using “Self-Control Bubbles”.   A Bubble Poppin’ Behavior video shows how to introduce the idea of self-control.


I got this label from  There is a different version at

My plan is to introduce this concept to my kindergarten social skills group.  There are so many ways that they can apply it!!  Once they are aware of how they CAN use self-control, we can refer to that time as a reminder .

I showed this to my favorite kindergarten teacher today and she said this would make a great whole class lesson.  I agree.



2 responses to “Self-Control

  1. Laura says:

    I used to make monster potion (diluted Febreze) in a spray bottle for my daughter. Every night, we would spray the magic potion around the room, in the closet, and under the bed for “safety.” It gave my daughter the feeling of being in control of what she feared. We only had to use it for a short time–maybe a couple of weeks–before she no longer needed the magic spray. Funny how those things work.

  2. Monster Potion-I love it!

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