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Inferential Thinking

on February 27, 2013

thinking cap

Our thinking caps are working overtime this week!  2nd grade groups are hard at work on making inferences.  Making inferences from what we read, what we see, and from what others say can be  difficult.  Inference is about drawing conclusions based on evidence and prior knowledge.

“Inferring is about reading faces, reading body language, reading expressions, and reading tone as well as reading text.  Our life clicks along more smoothly if we can read the world as well as text.”  Kylene Beers, When Kids Can’t Read: 2003

Here are some of our favorite ways to help us infer from text and become critical thinkers:

This is a great visual reminder for making inferences from reading text


and another                  th(5)

and another                                         th(1)

Jennifer Shamberger over at created this fantastic activity called Secret Code Inferences-with QR code answers.


Included in this download are activities targeting 5 areas of inferencing.  Each activity looks at answering questions using clues.  Questions are- What are they getting ready to do?  What happened?  Where am I? Who am I? and What am I?

The coolest part of this activity is that students can check their answers using a QR code reader on an iPad, iTouch, or iPhone.  The QR reader app is free.  The lunch buddies LOVE using my iPhone to scan the code on each question card to check their answer.


Look how carefully they are using my iPhone…


Secret Code Inferences is available at for $4.oo

I think the QR code reader is as exciting and fun as the students!!



One response to “Inferential Thinking

  1. Jen Shamberger says:

    Thanks for sharing my activity! We have been having a great time using it too! Great post on inferences.

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