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4 in 1 Jenga Fun

on February 20, 2013

jengaJenga has been a versatile game in speech/language therapy for years.  I have a Tumble Tower for /r/ words that the students love.  I just discovered a new game for social skills called 4 in 1 Jenga from Castle-Well Therapeutic Play (

4 in 1 Jenga has attachment, impulse control, social skills, and feelings labels for the four sides of the Jenga blocks.  Skills addressed are: improving fine motor skills, increasing observation and problem-solving skills, developing verbal and nonverbal attachment behaviors, improving reflectivity, identifying prosocial behaviors and enhancing emotional competence.

There is important information included in the evidence based game rationale.  “Research suggests that individuals who are impulsive experience poor academic achievement (Spinella & Miley, 2003: Zentall, 2005), have poor social problem-solving skills (McMurran, Blair, & Egan, 2002), and have problems in social relationships (Landau & Moore, 1991; Patterson & Newman, 1993).  Children with poor impulse control are also challenged with poor emotional regulation, poor delayed gratification, and poor adjustment (Crundwell, 2005; Huey & Weisz, 1997.  While there are many negative outcomes for chronic impulsivity, cognitive-behavioral treatments appear to ameliorate many of these negative outcomes.”

Social skills Jenga uses strengths-based and congnitive-behavioral questions to help children 1) identify times when they have engaged in specific prosocial behaviors, 2) describe various complex prosocial behaviors and 3) identify the fine lines between appropriate and inappropriate behaviors.

I purchased the labels as a download for $9.99.  I bought a Jenga game and did lots of cutting and gluing.


It was time consuming to cut and glue but I think it was worth the time and money.


This is how it turned out.  We played it today in the 4th grade Lunch Buddies to rave reviews.



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