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What to do when you don’t get Your way

on February 16, 2013






Thinking about you, thinking about me, and thinking about you thinking about me is our mantra.  When we really, really want something, want to do something or want things to go our way but it doesn’t work out, strong feelings can make us say words or do things that make others feel uncomfortable.  When we make others feel uncomfortable they may think bad thoughts about us like, “she is acting weird” or “those were hurtful words”.  If others think bad thoughts about us they may say things like, “I don’t want to play with you”.  We always want to keep others thinking good thoughts and feeling good about us.  Here is a little book I made using visuals from .


These pictures show the cover and the first and last page.  We used it in the Friday 1st grade group.

There is also a simple social story at  called When you don’t get your way.

boardmaker share

If not getting to go first causes strong feelings, try this social story: go first


If not winning causes strong feelings, try this social story: winning and losing from

There is always a way to feel better, calmer, happier about not getting your way.  Others like to get their way sometimes.  Friends like to win too.

Enjoy the Presidents Day Holiday everyone!


4 responses to “What to do when you don’t get Your way

  1. Joel Shaul says:

    I really like how you bound the panels. Looks great. Hey, by the way, I just posted a lots more stuff at Take care, Joel Shaul

  2. Jacinta White says:


    I love the look of your social story ‘what to do when I don’t get my own way’. Can I download it somewhere?


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