Learning and Sharing


on February 16, 2013









nail-ideas-heart-strings-L-eEYolKIn lunch buddies we are always talking about how important it is to think of others.  We create friend files or brain files so that we can store information about our friends.  Those files can help us when we want to have a conversation or when it is time to do something nice for someone else.  On Valentine’s Day some lunch buddies opened up their brain file on ME.  They did something so “sweet” to put a really big smile on my face and a wonderful feeling in my heart.

Look at all this sweetness!!






I love chocolate and popcorn and skittles!  (Graham and Ethan, if you don’t see your sweet treat in the photo it is because only crumbs were left when I took the picture : ) )






Thank you sweet lunch buddies for thinking of me!

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