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From One Sided Sid to your Social Filter

on February 14, 2013







Every day there are at least two, sometimes three, lunch buddies groups meeting.  Today,  in theWednesday 2nd grade group, we covered a great deal.  Wearing our “ME” buttons (ready to turn them off when necessary) we introduced One Sided Sid as a topic of conversation.  He gets people to talk about their interests and favorite topics not thinking of others and their interests.

I created this visual for defeating One Sided Sid












Our mantra is “Thinking about me, thinking about you, thinking about you thinking about me”.  If we are only thinking about ourselves we find it very hard to think about what others might be thinking.   We seem to be stuck in this spot.

Mrs. Rairden created these visuals to see if some of the lunch buddies might be able to get the concept of perspective taking when it is presented in a variety of ways.

mobile_snapEach student picked a card with a scenario written on it, such as the one pictured here.  Then, the student was asked to state what others might be feeling about your behavior.  Next, the student was asked to state what others might be thinking about your behavior.  Finally, the student was asked to state what others might say about your behavior.   It is a very hard concept for some lunch buddies, but we want to do our best to “get it” so that we keep others feeling, thinking, and saying nice things about us.

For the 4th grade lunch buddies group, it was time to delve into the “Social Filter”.  We talked about different kinds of filters.  There are coffee filters and water filters.  Mr. Smith told us about air and oil filters in cars (he knows a lot about cars).  Our brains have filters to help us hold back the angry, hurtful words that we want to say so that we can protect friend’s feelings, save ourselves from being embarassed, show respect, and stay out of trouble.  Most people can control their social filter without even thinking about it but some of us need lots of coaching experiences to keep our social filter on.

mobile_snapThis “Social Filter” game is available as a free download at  (I can always find just the right visuals to support my students there).

Another fantastic visual created by Jill Kuzma at is a fun way to “show” students what a social filter looks like and cue “is your social filter on” or “is your social filter off”.




Keep  on keepin’ on!


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