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Today was a great day.

on February 13, 2013









I must say that the Tuesday 1st grade group had the best day ever!!  Walker C. and Austin, we are sooooo proud of you.  Everyone in the group was able to defeat GlassmanBrain Eater,  and Rock Brain.  How did we do it?


all for one

The slap bracelets are a visual reminder to use our super powers!  One for all and all for one!  Today was proof that we can make choices that keep others thinking good thoughts about us.

I thought I would post a bit of the plus in lunchbuddiesplus.  



Tuesday afternoons I get to visit a multi-categorical class for a circletime language activity.   Lovable Matt and Molly teach communication skills with familiar characters, predictable routines, and fun antics.  Skills addressed are vocabulary, sequencing, answering questions, predicting, and identifying feelings.   Go to and check them out.



I also do some articulation therapy.  The idea for the Bazinga! board came from  Pictures of targeted speech sounds are placed in the envelopes.  I add an extra Bazinga! card into 1 or 2 of the envelopes and whoever gets that card gets a sticker.

Yes, today was a good day!


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