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We’ve got the power!

on February 12, 2013

silly_cute_cartoon_lightning_bolt_character_photosculpture-p153908669716129052bfmv3_400We have the power to blast, zap, and defeat distractors.  We have superpowers!  Ignoring, thinking with our eyes, and keeping our brain and body in the group are just a few of our superpowers.







In case we forget about those super powers, Mrs. Rairden made us all slap bands.  They remind us that we can make a choice.


These visual reminders are so fun!


That was what we did in Monday 2nd grade group.  Now, for 3rd grade group…

Sometimes we might have Poison Thoughts that could affect our emotions and behavior.  A poison thought might be ” I need to win and get my way”.  A thought like this can make us very upset if it looks like we are not going to win.   At this point we need an Antidote Thought.   The antidote thought would be “Other people also need to win and get their way”.   The antidote thoughts help us fight the poison thoughts. Go to for free download.


In our effort to keep others thinking good thoughts and feeling good about us, we have to identify the poison thoughts and zap them with antidote thoughts.

This is all hard work for everyone!  But we persevere.




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