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Week in Review

on February 9, 2013


Lunch Buddies have been busy, busy, busy!

1st grade group reviewed tattling, telling, and correcting using this Rule Police social story.rule_police_socialst    One lunch buddie asked yesterday “Do you have a social story for everything?”.  I said, “Yes I do”.

real 1


I Am Not the Rule Police was created by Angela Cardenas over at

The other 1st grade group did some social behavior mapping for “In the Auditorium before school”.  There are specific expected behaviors for waiting in the auditorium before school.  Using your social sense can certainly help you keep others thinking good thoughts about you (teachers and classmates).  After some observation by this therapist, we now know that Space Invader is on the loose in the auditorium.

I created this visual for defeating Space Invader.

sissSometimes it is much easier to “see” those unexpected behaviors in others than it is to recognize them in ourselves.

2nd grade group continues to work on being a “thinking about you” thinker instead of an “all about me” thinker.


This link will take you to a list of social thinking vocabulary by Michelle Garcia Winner.

Today’s post contains only a few of the activities that happened last week.  We are on the move!

Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now,



3 responses to “Week in Review

  1. holly brown says:

    Great post, ladies! I was wondering if you would be okay with adding my son Angus’ Special Ed teacher, Kelly Horne, to your blog list. She is going to start a lunch buddies program (finally and at my request!) at her school and is hoping to get some ideas on how and where to begin. I have been raving about your program, so I think this is a great place for her to look for pointers. If you are okay with that, her email address is I love what you are doing! Holly Brown

  2. Stephanie Anderson says:

    Yes you are on the move!! I love it!!

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