Learning and Sharing

Perspective Taking

on January 30, 2013


Today was all about perspective taking.  Michelle Garcia Winner ( developed the Four Steps of Perspective Taking to help all of us understand how the process through which we share space effectively.

  • When you come into my space, I have a little thought about you and you have a little thought about me.
  • I wonder “why are you near me?” “what is your purpose of being near me?” “Is it because you are just sharing space with me, do you intend to talk to me, or do you intend to harm me?” I have to consider all these things in order to keep me safe around people as well as predict what will happen next.
  • Since we have thoughts about each other, I wonder what you are thinking about me.
  • To keep you thinking about me the way I would like  you to think about me, I monitor and possibly modify my behavior to keep you thinking about me the I want you to think about me.

Michelle writes that, “these Four Steps of Perspective taking are what is expected every student does across the school day while sitting in a classroom, on the playground or just hanging out.  Social regulation is at the heart of social participation and we each participate socially just when we are in the presence of others, even when we are not talking to them”.

Mrs. Raiden’s Zones of Regulation lesson had the students thinking about their behavior and what that behavior might cause others to think or feel about them.


Hard at work!


We added a few more visuals : )

mobile_snap (2)

This one was created by Angela Cardenas (

Thinking about me thinking about you thinking about me.  I think we will “park” here for a while and focus on perspective taking.

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