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Social Behavior Mapping

on January 29, 2013

The 1st grade lunch buddies group needed some help making a connection between how they act, with how they feel, and how others treat them.


There are expected behaviors for walking in the hall whether you are with a teacher or walking with a small group of friends.  We used Social Behavior Mapping visuals created by Jill Kuzma (  After printing out the page, I laminated it so that I could use it as a dry erase board.

This is the map for expected behaviors:


This is the map for unexpected behaviors:

mapping 2

We have been using the terms expected behaviors and unexpected behaviors with our groups since school started.  They understand that expected behaviors are socially appropriate and unexpected behaviors are socially inappropriate through the eyes of the persons interacting with them.

Some of our students don’t understand how a behavior affects others feelings about them.  It was interesting today to list the consequences they experience whether the behavior is expected or unexpected and how it makes them feel.

Just taking the time to talk about this and write it down is a positive experience.  Our goal is for the student to begin to see patterns.  We are hoping that the better they feel about how people  react to them and the related consequences, the more likely they are to continue to produce expected behaviors.

See more about social behavior mapping at



4 responses to “Social Behavior Mapping

  1. Eve says:

    These are great. I will print out and put on my refrigerator at home. Thank you!

  2. nsinnoblog says:

    Hi! I loved your resources “expected versus unexpected behaviors chart”. I am a K-5 sped educator, and was trying to re-create those charts in Boardmaker and was having a very difficult time:( I would love it if I could print your charts as use in my classroom to promote expected behaviors! I love how your charts and simple and visual. Let me know:) my email is:

    • Feel free to print those. I got them from Jill Kuzma on her website. If you Google Jill Kuzma Social Behavior Mapping, you will find the template. If you laminate them and use a dry erase marker, you can customize them as you address different behaviors.

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