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What I Have Learned

on January 27, 2013


As I think about and plan therapy for next week, I am studying (again) Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking-Social Learning Tree (  Before our students can take on the skills in the branches of the social learning tree (reading comprehension and written expression) they must have strong roots (Theory of Mind, executive functioning and sensory integration) that merge to form a strong trunk (listening with eyes and brain, abstract and inferencial language, understanding perspective).


The 2nd graders are teaching me that they are not able to answer my questions that require inferencial thinking or perspective taking or enjoy the inferring and perpective taking games because they are still in the roots and trunk of social thinking and I am asking them to think in the leaves.

So….our social skills coaching will focus on thinking with our eyes.  That means full attention to both verbal and nonverbal cues.  It means thinking about others and what they might be thinking about you.eyes

I have also learned that the Zones of Regulation curriculum is helping our 2nd graders not only think about their own feelings but I think it is helping them see what those feelings look like in others.  By thinking of a time or place that they felt certain feelings and describing it, they will be able to generalize that skill when reading a story or just being in a group.

Here’s to a good week!



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