Learning and Sharing

Celebrating Progress

on January 26, 2013


Today’s post is all about celebrating our giant steps of progress!  We know that our coaching experiences are effective when teachers and parents report that a lunch buddie has demonstrated social thinking outside the social skills group.

Well done, Ian!  You used positive self-talk to remind yourself to be a flexible thinker.  On snowy days school sometimes starts 2 hrs. later than usual.  On those days schedules are WACKY and we all have to be flexible thinkers.  Arriving at 11AM means that you might not have time to get all of your work finished before it is time to go to lunch.  That is ok.  There will be time later to get your work done.  Mrs. Baughn and Miss Heather are fabulous coaches in the classroom.  Helping Ian generalize a coping strategy learned in lunch buddies, he was able to use a flexible brain visual

Brain-Foamand positive self-talk to get it together with no stress!

When we gave the 1st grade group their personal problem solvers we told each lunch buddie that he/she could let us know if we needed to add new coping strategy visuals.  Last week Graham brought in his DPS and asked for coping strategies for when he feels ANGRY.  I am sooooooo proud of you, Graham.  You demonstrated social thinking!!  You want to keep others thinking good thoughts and feeling good about you all the time, even when you feel angry.

mqdefaultYou can STOP!, STEP BACK! Take a break to calm down. Graham, your new coping strategy visuals are ready and you can pick up your DPS Tuesday.

The Zones of Regulation curriculum is proving to be very effective with our 2nd grade lunch buddies.  How do we know this?  We received a report that Braxton and Ian explained the Zones to their resource teacher all on their own!!zones-bingo1Now that Mrs. Neer knows about The Zones, Mrs. Rairden gave her a visual support to post in her classroom.  Guys, You Rock  : ) !

Sometimes it is not enough to just say “Look at me”.  We need to let students know what they are supposed to think about when we say “Look at me”.  John C. is a star when it comes to “thinking with his eyes”.


These are just a few examples of lunch buddies progress.  Parents let us know when your child demonstrates social thinking outside the school environment.



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