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We Are Having a Blast Blasting Distractors!!

on January 25, 2013

A new distractor joined the gang today-Body Snatcher


He gets people to turn their bodies away from the group causing friends and teachers to think that they are not interested in what is being said.  We always want to do our best to keep people thinking good thoughts and feeling good about us so we must defeat Body Snatcher!

body snatcher

I created this visual for our coaching experience today.  I used Custom Boards App for iPad to make it.

After reviewing our Super Powers for defeating the distractors, we used Hula Hoops  and placed a picture of the distractor inside each one.  With our Stomp Rocket Distractor Blastor, we aimed our rockets of defeat (ignoring, thinking with our eyes, and positive self-talk) at each one.hoops



If Body Snatcher tries to distract you and make you turn your body away from the group, use these distractor blastor strategies:

  • think with your eyes- think about where your group is and who is talking to you
  • use positive self-talk: “Where should my body be?”
  • point your shoulders to the group

For more info about the Team of Unthinkables go to

It is snowing again!!!  We are going home early today. Teacher workday on Monday. 

Be careful out there and have a great weekend.



One response to “We Are Having a Blast Blasting Distractors!!

  1. Mary Keiger says:

    Great way to work on distractions!

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