Learning and Sharing

Fun in Classrooms

on January 24, 2013

speech17I love being welcomed into classrooms.  It is one of my favorite things.  I have used the “push-in” model of service delivery for many years now.  This model gives me the opportunity to work with my kindergarteners who are having difficulty being part of a group in the classroom in the classroom!!

The best time is to go in during center time.  Sometimes I just make myself a “center” and other times I plan with the classroom teacher so that each center is facilitated by an adult and the activities follow a  theme.

book mitten

The Mitten is a perennial favorite and this month we are loving it.  On Jan Brett’s website ( there are a variety of visuals, activities, and projects.  The masks are simply beautiful and are perfect for acting out the story.


Take a blanket and recreate the mitten.



Look at this spinner!!  So versatile for creating games.


other mitten

And of course, the other The Mitten – love them both.  What a great activity to compare and contrast the two versions.

TheMittenVenn has a preschool unit for The Mitten.  Jenna Rayburn created wonderful materials for the SLP.


Just look at all those activities!

Classrooms are where the exciting learning happens!  What an eye opener for me.  Before I started working in classrooms I had no idea just what the expectations were for my speech/language students.

I work with some very welcoming teachers.  I appreciate them.

Stay Warm!



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