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Distractor Deflector

on January 14, 2013

What a fun time we had in lunch buddies today!  Continuing our coaching experience for dealing with distractors, we began with a power point video about Brain Eater that I found at .  See the original video created by Jill Kuzma on her website at:


We reviewed our lists of distractors and decided which strategies we thought would work to defeat Brain Eater.  Some of the “inside” and “outside” the head distractors listed were:

  • worrying about others unexpected behaviors which can be defeated by reminding yourself that you are not in charge.
  • looking at posters on the wall which can be defeated by reminding yourself to keep your brain and body in the group
  • reading books that are not related to classwork can be defeated by reminding yourself that you are expected to read classwork first.
  • thinking about bad dreams from the night before can be defeated by that super power-IGNORING

distracter blasterWe then wrote our distractors on paper and our strategies on the Distractor Blastor rockets.  Each student had the opportunity to blast their distractors. (A stomp rocket toy was used as the distracto blastor).

distracter deflectorA Distractor Deflector shield was also used as a way to help our students realize the power they have against their distractors.

It was a fun day.  Some lunch buddies were able to use their super powers over distractors more effectively than others.  Next Monday will give us another opportunity to do better.  We are thinking of using slap bracelets as power cuffs as an additional reminder of our super powers.



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