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Look! A Distraction

on January 13, 2013


Using a teaching approach to build in students their own inner superheroic thinking to take on various challenges helps them learn how to regulate their own behaviors.  When it comes to distractors, it does take super powers to ignore them!!


Our coaching began with Jill Kuzma’s power point Your Super Brain Power! (  That super power is ignoring.  When we observe our students distracted by others, noises, or what’s going on outside, our first response is “just ignore it” or ‘focus on your work”.  Most of our students with social thinking deficits need to have the concept of ignoring explicitly explained.  It is important to explain visually as well as verbally.


Teaching the “why” of social thinking concepts increases carryover into everyday social situations.

ned's head

Thank you, Jill Kuzma, for this idea to use my What’s in Ned’s Head toy to help the students decide what distractors are “in your head” or “outside your head”.  Ned’s Head is a beloved game and the 2nd grade lunch buddies were delighted to use it in this way.  “Outside your head” distractors seem to be much easier to identify and deal with than “inside your head” distractors.

brain eater wanted posterBOLO for Brain Eater!

braineater defeaterBrain Eater makes your brain: get stuck thinking about your fav topic or show videos or pictures in your head when a friend is trying to talk to you, or recite the names of the United States when you are in a group.

There are ways to defeat Brain Eater.  The ways to defeat him are called strategies.  Once the distractors are identified then strategies can be developed.

Tune in Monday when we utilize our Distractor Blaster and Distracto Shield to practice our strategies.

For details on Brain Eater, check out the SuperFlex curriculum at




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