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It’s All in the Game!

on January 6, 2013

I bought 2 new games for our lunch buddies groups to start the new year.  Before I reveal what they are, I will write a bit about why we play games in lunch buddies groups.

Playing a board game is an engaging social experience.  Students need to” keep their brain and body in the group” to know when it is their turn and be ready to praise or say encouraging words to their friends.  Before we start a game we review the following social stories:  Jill Kuzma’s learning-from-losing-book or

Whitney Bromley’s social story for winning/losing a game at


Sometimes students need to use “positive self-talk” strategies.  Our favorite we learned from Graham and his mom, Sarah.   If I had fun, I won!!

Ok, here are the new games-

51tXSY5jh2L._SL500_SS500_Zingo has always been a favorite no matter what grade level.  Now, we have Zingo Sight Words.  Kicking it up a notch for 1st graders.


Social Skills Chipper Chat

This game is designed to help students discuss and understand appropriate ways of dealing with social situations.

Fun in the new year!



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