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Becoming an observer

on January 5, 2013

thCAKZ4729Yesterday I had a thought provoking conversation with my esteemed colleague, Tracy Scott, about some of my newest lunch buddies participants.  We discussed how these students have not developed that most important skill-observing others in their environment.  When students think with their eyes they become observers of what others are doing and adjust behavior accordingly.

If a student is a good observer he/she will “see” others who are getting out their math workbook and “think” that’s what is expected right now and adjust their behavior by getting out their workbook as well.  Being a good observer can keep a student from getting into trouble by not following directions.  A good observer will pay attention to their friends faces and know when it is time to stop talking about their favorite video game and talk about a friend’s favorite topic.

Most children learn to think with their eyes naturally.  Some children need to be taught explicitly through modeling and visuals.  Parents and teachers can help by “thinking out loud” and verbalizing their process of thinking with their eyes.

Whole-Body-Listening-Poster-pkkverWhole Body Listening is a great place to start to teach the concept of observing (and a great visual reminder for those who are still working on listening/thinking with your eyes).

You_are_a_Social_504e5c7ae7b50_125x125Michelle Garcia Winner’s award winning program, You are a Social Detective! is another fantastic resource.

Thanks Tracy for your input.  Thanks parents for supporting social thinking skills at home.

Everyone have a great weekend!



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