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Can one ever use too many visuals?

on January 4, 2013

The reasons why you should use visual supports:

  • They are part of everyone’s communication system
  • They can attract and hold a student’s attention
  • They enable the student to focus on the message and reduce anxiety
  • They make abstract concepts more concrete for the student
  • They help students express thoughts
  • They help all students.

                                                                                            Roa and Gagie (2006)

I thought I had plenty of visuals to help the 2nd graders with the concept of perspective taking and using your social sense…

social senseWe talked about how it is important to try to make sense of other people’s behavior. thinking about what other people are thinking and feeling about us, and adjust our behavior so that people keep thinking and feeling nice things about us.  Our “social sense” helps us do this.  Carol Gray calls it our “sixth sense”.  Jill Kuzma has these great free downloads at

thinking about you

We used Jill Kuzma’s great visual to further our understanding of thinking of others.  It is super important to think about how a person might feel or what they want before we let our words move from our thinking bubble into our talking bubble.  Our actions and comments impact how people think and feel about us.


Token towers provided a visual support so we could see how well we were using our social sense during lunch buddies.

The perspective taking game we played was hard because our social sense is just developing.  When something is hard to do we sometimes think it is BORING.  Everyone gets bored sometimes. When you have a boring moment there are expected behaviors…

boring momentThis fab poster is hanging in the speech room to remind us what’s expected during those boring moments.  It is from

Thursday was a tough day for all of us.  I realized that even though I had many visuals I still needed more.  I needed to back up a few steps and start again.  I realized that I needed to write it ALL down.  Next Thursday we will begin with a social map.

 Everyone did their best and there was popcorn at the end!!! 




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