Learning and Sharing


on November 6, 2012

Anyone walking by Room 99, AKA the speech room, would probably say, “Is there a party going on in there?” or “all they do is play games”.  It is true.  We love to party and we love our games.

Slamwich is one of our favs.


When you play Slamwich you must have your “brain in the group” and your “body in the group”.    Our #1 rule is NO PEEKING AT YOUR CARDS (it is sooooo hard).  When you run out of cards and really want to get back in the game it helps to use coping strategies  Positive self-talk such as “that’s ok, if I really stay focused I will get a chance to get back in the game”.

This game also gives players the chance to encourage their friends with nice words.

Yes, anyone walking by Room 99 will hear fun and laughter.  We like this approach to social skills training.  It works!


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