Learning and Sharing


on November 1, 2012

Today we combined 2 great ideas from Jenna Rayburn over at SpeechRoomNews.  The Bazinga board is such a versatile game board.

In Your Shoes is a perspective taking activity.  On each “shoe” card is a question or scenario that requires the student to think about what another person might be thinking or feeling.

I placed a “shoe” card in most of the polkadot envelopes on the Bazinga board.

A couple of “Gum on your shoe lose a turn” cards were inserted into envelopes.  Sometimes losing a turn means you have to use a coping strategy.  Today “positive self-talk” was used to help a student who felt disappointment at losing a turn.  He said to himself “that’s ok, I will get another turn”.

I made up a couple of “Bazinga” cards.  If you pick one of these you get extra popcorn.

Thanks, Jenna, your visuals make our socal coaching experiences more fun!!


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