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Personalized DPS

on October 22, 2012

The Social Express app for iPad is the best app for social skills training that I have found.  The fully animated interactive lessons are so appealing to our students.

In the videos the characters use what is called  a “Digital Problem Solver”.  There is an app for iPhone for that as well.  The DPS allows the student to scroll through a list of feelings and choose how they are feeling.  Once that is done,  the student then scrolls through possible coping strategies to help solve their problem.

We were very reluctant to give a 7 year old our iPhone so we set out to make a personalized DPS.  Remember those old vinyl wallets that we used with PECS?  They make a great DPS!  We used Custom Boards app for iPad to create the pictures we needed.  Just like the kids in the videos, our students have a tool that they can pull out of their pocket to help them deal with anger, feeling left out, anxiety, and not knowing what to do at a particular moment

The results were fantastic!  Each student receiving a homemade DPS is so proud of it.  We observe them practicing with it the classroom and it has not taken long for them to become quite comfortable using it.

For specifics or if you have any questions contact us at:

2 responses to “Personalized DPS

  1. sue says:

    My students love Social Express and the DPS. How can I make the DPS for my students’ to have in their classrooms? I tried to reach you on the e-mail that was given but it is not operational.

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