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Rock Brain is on the Loose…

on October 18, 2012

Rock Brain will get a person to do only what he has decided he will do;  he will not negotiate with others.  He is not a good problem solver and tries only one solution that is not working over and over again.  This person may be very rule-bound and rigid in his thinking, seeing only one way to a situation.  Luckily, our social skills group knows what it takes to be a Flexible Thinker.

We had a great lesson today.  First, we reviewed our social story for being a flexible thinker.   Next, the Ways to be Rigid visual led to a coaching experience.  We discussed how to stop being a Rock Brain and be a Flexible Thinker in specific scenarios.

Find the visuals at and all about Rock Brain from Michelle Garcia Winner

One response to “Rock Brain is on the Loose…

  1. Joel Shaul says:

    I am so pleased to see how you combined my free Rigidity Card download with Michelle Winner’s Rock Brain. well done! Would love to know more details, would be obliged if you would kindly email me at
    Yours in flexibility,
    Joel Shaul

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